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Foreword, Maestro John Monash by the Hon Tim Fischer AC
10 November 2014 , Maestro John Monash by the Hon Tim Fischer AC , Frydenberg, J.
Foreword for Maestro John Monash: Australia's Greatest Citizen General by the Hon Tim Fischer AC.
Raising regulatory bar essential for economy
3 November 2014 , The Australian , Frydenberg, J
The Abbott government’s deregulation agenda involves a multifaceted approach.There are now two repeal days a year in parliament, deregulation units in each major federal department, and mandatory regulatory impact statements that better inform decision makers ...
1 November 2014 , The Spectator , Frydenberg, J
The last week in parliament has been the political equivalent of a burger with the lot. The PM’s whistle-stop tour to  Indonesia for the inauguration of its president, the passing of a Labor giant, terrorist ...
Red tape that's choking us just got a bit looser
29 October 2014 , Herald Sun , Frydenberg, J
Last week a parliamentary colleague of mine told me of an interesting experience he had in his electorate. Asked to present volunteer awards, he expected to be acknowledging the work of surf lifesavers, rural ...
We’ve only just begun but red-tape crusade already pays dividends
22 October 2014 , The Australian , Frydenberg, J
In a soon to be released report, global professional services firm Deloitte estimates that one million Australians are employed in compliance. This is remarkable for it is more than three times the number of people working ...
Cut the time and money from excessive approvals
15 October 2014 , Australian Financial Review , Frydenberg, J
With China’s economy slowing, a question mark still lingering over the financial resilience of Europe, and domestic job creation in Australia an ongoing challenge, the key to our prosperity lies in lifting productivity.Business as usual ...
Let’s make it easier for us
10 October 2014 , The Australian , Frydenberg, J
Today is the 38th meeting of the Council of Australian Governments, the third led by Tony Abbott and the second for premiers Mike Baird and Will Hodgman, while Colin Barnett has been attending since 2008. What brings these ...
Bottom Drawer
6 September 2014 , The Spectator , Frydenberg, J
And tonight the Gold Logie goes to… the one and only Clive Frederick Palmer!This unapologetic human headline inches over the last year than Silver Logie winners Bob Katter and Jacqui Lambie combined.But that is where ...
Menzies: Australian pride
15 August 2014 , The Australian , Frydenberg, J
Paul Keating, who allegedly once said Asia was somewhere you fly over on the way to Europe, described Menzies’ time in government as an “almost endlessly regressive era (which) sunk a generation of Australians in ...
Red tape target within sights
28 July 2014 , The Australian , Frydenberg, J
With the Senate passing the future of financial advice reforms and the carbon tax repeal, the Abbott government banked nearly $300 million of annual red-tape reductions. After the success of the parliament’s first ever repeal day ...
Menzies, the Jeparit boy who prepared us for war
18 July 2014 , Herald Sun , Frydenberg, J
It was May 19, 1978, the date of Sir Robert Menzies' state funeral. More than 100,000 Victorians lined the streets as his funeral procession made its way through Melbourne. They came to pay their respects to Australia's ...
On ties with Asia, Labor leaders merely bathe in the afterglow
12 July 2014 , The Weekend Australian , Frydenberg, J
It has been a successful week for Australian foreign policy.Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s historic visit and the genuine warm relationship he shares with Tony Abbott augurs well for the future of Australia-Japan relations. This ...
Start made on the long task of shrinking government
24 June 2014 , Australian Financial Review , Frydenberg, J
Among the furious political debates over Medicare co-payments, the indexation of pensions and the deregulation of university fees, one key theme in this year’s budget has been sadly overlooked.The move to a smaller and more efficient government with ...
Coalition inherited this problem: We are going to fix it
6 June 2014 , The Australian , Frydenberg J
 This budget is not just about paying back Labor’s debt, it’s about growing the economy.OVER recent days, the Prime Minister and Treasurer have been subjected to a torrent of abuse. Our political opponents have seen our ...
Abbott opens doors of Asian opportunity
14 April 2014 , The Daily Telegraph , Frydenberg J
As I look out from my hotel room window in downtown Shanghai, it is hard not to be awestruck by the burgeoning metropolis that is modernday China.This country of 1.3 billion people, including more than ...
We all pay for Labor's mates
14 April 2014 , The Australian , Frydenberg J
IT was June 26, 2013. The day Julia Gillard finally lost her way.But behind the prime ministerial baton-change, there is a story that is yet to be fully told.It was a concerted Gillard strategy often ...
29 March 2014 , The Spectator , Frydenberg, J
A rabbi, a Catholic priest and an Anglican minister all gathered for afternoon tea. No, it’s not the start of a bad taste joke: it is the mid-point for what has been for me a ...
Repeal day will free Australia from red tape
26 March 2014 , The Guardian , Frydenberg, J
Repeal day has come: the first in the nation’s parliamentary calendar. Over 10,000 regulations and acts are being removed from our statute books as the Abbott government begins the long and arduous task of ...
Repeal Day removes roadblocks to investment
19 March 2014 , The Australian , Frydenberg, J
Today is historic for the Australian parliament. The Abbott government is introducing legislation to repeal more than 10,000 acts and regulations, the largest single bulk repeal in the commonwealth’s history. Red and green ...
We must loosen the ties that bind
19 March 2014 , Herald Sun , Frydenberg, J
In April 1946, Sir Robert Menzies’ Liberal Party took out an advertisement in The Bulletin magazine. Its headline declared, “we want fewer forms and more reforms”. Alongside a picture of a husband and ...


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