Delivering for Kooyong

I am honoured to represent the Kooyong community and I will continue to be a strong voice on key local, national and international issues in the Federal Parliament. I am committed to ensuring Kooyong remains the best part of Australia to raise your family, run your business, and live a happy and prosperous life.

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Protecting your retirement savings

The Coalition Government is protecting the hard-earned retirement savings of millions of Australians by introducing new measures to guard against the unnecessary erosion of superannuation balances through excessive fees, insurance premiums and inactive accounts.

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Delivering lower taxes

Our legislated tax relief plan will encourage and reward hard working Australians. Almost 60,000 taxpayers in Kooyong will receive a new tax offset of up to $530 a year under our plan to reduce cost pressures on household budgets.

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Creating a stronger economy

We have delivered on our promise to keep the economy strong and oversee the creation of more than one million jobs in our first five years in office.  The combination a strengthening economy along with the Governments’ reforms to our welfare system have resulted in the welfare dependency for working age Australians falling to its lowest level in 25 years. Our economic plan is working, with economic activity growth at 3.4 per cent through the year, stronger than any G7 country and the highest growth since 2012, during the once-in-a-generation mining boom.

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Protecting our environment

The Coalition Government has a strong record when it comes to protecting our environment. We recently announced a number of initiatives including a record $500 million for the Great Barrier Reef - the single largest commitment ever for reef conservation and management in our history. We are also investing $255 million for species conservation and delivering $1.1 billion to continue the National Landcare Program.

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Tackling crime in our local community

We all deserve to feel safe and secure in our local community.  That is why the Coalition Government is supporting the efforts of local councils and community organisations to address crime and anti-social behaviour. Our initiatives have already helped in Kooyong with funding for the installation of CCTV cameras in Camberwell and Kew.

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Record investment in renewables

Under the Coalition Government, Australia has seen a record amount of investment in renewable energy. We are complementing this with major investments in energy storage, such as Snowy Hydro 2.0, which will create 5,000 jobs, power 500,000 homes and be the Southern Hemisphere’s biggest energy storage.

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Affordable and reliable energy

The Coalition Government’s plan will take the pressure off families and small businesses and put customers back in charge by cracking down on dodgy practices, supporting investment in new generation and guaranteeing reliable supply.



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Investing in your health

A strong economy guarantees access to life-saving, life-changing medicines and all the other services that are essential to our national health. The Coalition Government is providing record funding for medicare, new medicines, mental health, medical research and hospitals.

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A record investment in education

With 55 schools and over 35,000 students in Kooyong, I am proud to be a part of a Government which has nearly doubled national investment in education funding over the next decade.


Keeping Australians safe

The Government’s number one priority is to keep Australians safe. We are investing in measures that will strengthen security at airports, international mail centres and air cargo facilities as part of a comprehensive $293.6 million package of new initiatives.

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Backing small business

The Coalition Government has delivered small and medium business tax cuts benefiting over 23,000 small and medium businesses in Kooyong. We've also extended the popular instant asset write off which more than 1,000 businesses in Kooyong have already utilised.

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Fully funding the NDIS

The 2018 Budget guarantees the funding of the National Disability and Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Australians with a permanent and significant disability deserve the best care we can provide. The NDIS commenced rolling out in Kooyong in November 2017 and once fully established, will directly help more than 1,800 local residents.

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Supporting older Australians

In the 2018-19 Budget, the Coalition Government invested an additional $5 billion to boost our aged care services - making life easier and better for older Australians including those living in Kooyong.

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