Supporting senior Australians

To support Age Pensioners, the Government provided $750 payments in April and July.

Age Pensioners and Commonwealth Seniors Health Card holders will now receive an additional $250 payment in December and another $250 payment in March.

To support senior Australians who want to keep living at home, 23,000 more home care packages will be provided. This brings the total to more than 180,000 places.

With three times the number of home care packages than when this Government was elected in 2013, we are making life easier and better for senior Australians, including those living in Kooyong.

Read more about the Budget’s key measures for senior Australians here.

During the COVID-19 lockdown, we have stayed in touch with senior local residents, including phone calls to check in and make sure they are managing with the restrictions and have access to all the essential services they need.