Community survey

  • Please rate (in order of priority) the four issues that concern you most.
    1st Priority2nd Priority3rd Priority4th Priority
    Tackling climate change
    Affordable and reliable energy
    Keeping our borders strong and secure
    Delivering better hospitals and health outcomes
    Backing Medicate and delivering new medicines
    Tackling local crime and substance abuse
    More and better paying jobs
    Helping small businesses get ahead
    Supporting seniors in retirement and delivering quality aged care
    Putting downward pressure on housing costs
    Investing in better education, skills and training opportunities
  • If you could raise one issue in the Federal Parliament, what would it be?
  • If you could fix one problem in our local area, what would it be?
  • Please select one of the following options: (optional)
    LiberalLaborGreensOne NationIndependent / Other
    I ALWAYS support the following party
    I USUALLY support the following party
  • Please select the option which best reflects your current situation:

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