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$2 million to protect Yarra River

Media Releases

Date : 29 April 2019

Author: The Hon. Josh Frydenberg MP

Federal Member for Kooyong
Treasurer of Australia


30 April 2019


A re-elected Morrison Government will invest $2 million to protect and restore Victoria’s iconic Yarra river.

This will include providing $500,000 to the Yarra Riverkeeper Association to improve water quality and protect aquatic life in the Yarra river.

Founded in 2005, the Yarra Riverkeeper Association will implement a number of strategies to improve the environmental health of the Yarra River, which runs through Kooyong.

Initiatives will include revegetation and rewilding of core habitats along the Yarra and its tributaries such as Yarra Bend National Park. The Riverkeeper will also implement a staged plan for weed removal and replanting indigenous species to build habitat and ensure the long term success of the planting and build resilience in the landscape.

Importantly the Yarra Riverkeeper Association will work with local community groups to improve the ecosystem of the Yarra river.
By decreasing the total volume of litter in the Yarra, the impacts of plastic pollution will reduce, including on threatened migratory seabirds that feed and roost in northern Port Phillip Bay, such as the critically endangered Eastern Curlew.

The funding will be provided from the $100 million Environment Restoration Fund announced in the 2019-20 Budget as part of our $3.8 billion investment in a better environment.

The Environmental Restoration Fund will kick-start practical projects on the ground and across the country in three key areas: protecting threatened and migratory species and their habitats; protecting Australia’s coasts, oceans and waterways; and the clean-up and recycling of waste.

The fund’s projects will be delivered by community groups, Indigenous organisations, conservation organisations, natural resource management bodies and others.

Our rivers and coasts are an important source of habitat for many of Australia’s vulnerable native plants and animals, and conserving these areas will assist in improving the future of our threatened species.

They are also a major part of leisure and recreation for many Australian families and this investment will protect the health of these important and delicate ecosystems.

The Environment Restoration Fund builds on our $1 billion investment through the National Landcare Program and complements the Communities Environment Program.



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