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2019 Election Night Speech (18 May 2019)


Date : 17 May 2019

The Hon Josh Frydenberg MP
Federal Member for Kooyong




18 MAY 2019

Friends, tonight, we have great news in Kooyong! And I have just got off the phone to the Prime Minister and, nationally, we are in the game! But, ladies and gentlemen, this is not about me. It is about the people of Kooyong and I am humbled to be re-elected by the people of Kooyong for the fourth time! I promise this to the people of Kooyong, whether they voted for me or not, I will work every single day to make their lives and their family lives better.

It was a tight race and I want to acknowledge the other candidates in the race – and particularly, Julian Burnside and Jana Stewart. I want to acknowledge Julian Burnside and Jana Stewart and the other candidates, because we sat and stood on prepoll for three weeks – too long – and despite the tightness of the race, we did respect each other and we respected the fact that we were all putting our hands up for public office.

Now, you know that politics is a team game and I want to acknowledge and pay my greatest, greatest thanks to my team. They know who they are, but they got up every day early and went to bed every day late and tonight’s victory is their victory!

We are a Liberal Party family. We stand up for the values that resonate with the Australian people. Our party is made up of volunteers and members and those were the people who door-knocked, those were the people who phone-canvassed, those were the people who stood on prepoll, those were the people who manned the election booths today and to them I say a very big thank you!

Now, tonight is a tough night for some of our colleagues and we do not know where all the results have landed, but I am also thinking of them tonight. But, there is one person who I want to really thank, because he has provided the leadership and the strength to get us in this game and that is to Prime Minister Scott Morrison!

When we were elected by the Party Room last August, we went back to his office – which is now my office – and he said to me, we can win this. Every day since that day, he has been tireless, crisscrossing the country and selling our message to the Australian people. ScoMo deserves so much credit for tonight’s result, so to him, let’s say, a big thank you. It has been my ultimately privilege and honour to serve as his deputy and I just think that tonight he can be so proud of what he has achieved.

But, I say to ScoMo, there is one person – or three persons – who are more important than you and that is my wife and two beautiful children, Amie, Gemma and Blake. Because they say, we, the politicians, are the volunteers, but it is our families who are the conscripts. Amie could not have been more supportive, more helpful and I know that my four-year-old Gemma and two-year-old Blake won a few votes at the booths today. But, Amie, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate everything you have done to get us to this point. I love you and thank you.

Finally, I just want to relay an anecdote that happened today. As we were moving between the booths, talking to our incredible volunteers, I came across a lady, Margaret, who introduced me to her wheelchair-bound mother. Her mother was 89 years of age. She said to me that her mother has been given two weeks to live. Her mother had been in hospital earlier that morning, but she had missed the hospital voting rounds that had gone. She had asked her daughter to take her to a polling booth, because she wanted to cast a vote for Josh Frydenberg, so that he did not lose by one vote.

Ladies and gentlemen, that is how much this election means to some people. The Prime Minister and I have always said, this election was not about personalities, but about policy. Through that experience today and through your support, from every day since I have been elected to today and going forward, I say to you, I will work my hardest to deliver for the people of Kooyong, to deliver for my community, to uphold the Liberal Party’s values, to support the Prime Minister Scott Morrison and to ensure that Australia has a stronger and brighter future under the Liberals and National.





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