Bill Shorten caught out in power price lie yet again

Media Releases

Date : 08 August 2018 4.10pm

Author: The Hon. Josh Frydenberg MP

Location: Sydney

Minister for the Environment and Energy


8 August 2018


Bill Shorten has lied yet again about power prices, repeating a claim that has already been proven false.

He must immediately retract his claim or provide evidence to back it up.

Today at a doorstop, Bill Shorten said:

“The last year alone, for an average family, it’s about $650 increase in energy prices.” Sydney, 8 August

Shorten used the same lie during the by-election campaign:

“But when I look at it, last year alone, $630 power price increases.” Caboolture, 25 July

The figure Labor misrepresents refers to one power price offer from one small company in one state, with it now being revealed that not one household was even on that offer! Bill Shorten brazenly tries to pass this off as a national increase, which is a complete lie.

Last week, after being caught out using this figure, Labor was forced into an embarrassing backdown.

Questioned by David Speers six times, Shorten’s Energy Spokesman Mark Butler clutched at straws.

Mr Butler first tried to brush it off by saying Labor had been very clear that it had been only one offer.

Mr Shorten has clearly contradicted this again today.

Mr Butler then tried to dismiss the fact that nobody was on that one offer, saying:

“I don’t know that information.”

Mr Butler’s tactics were then questioned by Mr Speers when he said:

SPEERS: Okay but it’s important isn’t it? When you make a claim like that was made during this by-election campaign to make sure it is right and it doesn’t appear that anyone paid a $630 increase last year?

BUTLER: Well you might say that David…

This is not the first time Labor has been caught out misleading the Australian people on power prices. Nor is it the only issue on which they employ dirty tactics, as we know all too well from Mediscare.

Only the Coalition can be trusted to be up front and honest with the Australian people. We know people are doing it tough with power bills, we have a plan for bringing them down, we have turned the corner on power prices and the National Energy Guarantee will deliver further reductions.

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