Labor can’t walk the talk on multinational tax

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Date : 31 October 2018

Bill Shorten talks a big game when it comes to multinational tax avoidance, but Labor has never backed this up with action. His latest policy shows Labor is confused and can’t be trusted.

Today’s ill-conceived grab-bag of announcements is Labor’s third attempt at a multinational tax policy. Labor first promised $4.6 billion in revenue from its debt-deduction policy in May 2017, then $4 billion in February 2018 and today $3 billion.

Bill Shorten might like to forget Labor’s record on multinationals, but Australians certainly won’t:

In contrast, our Government has been getting on with the job, having:

Making sure foreign investors and multinationals pay their fair share of tax is part of our Government’s plan for a stronger Australian economy to guarantee the essential services that Australians rely on. Labor has only ever sought to block and delay our actions.


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