Letter to the editor: Experimental flop

Opinion Piece

Date : 30 January 2018


Caleb Bond is right when he says the Weatherill Government’s energy policy has been “the creator of our destruction” (The Advertiser, yesterday). Labor’s “big experiment” has gone horribly wrong with South Australians subjected to the highest priced and least reliable energy system in the country.

The National Energy Guarantee, as recommended by the independent Energy Security Board, offers a chance to improve SA’s fortunes, with independent modelling indicating households bills would fall by $400 per year.

Involving no new taxes, subsidies or trading schemes and with broad support from big SA employers like BHP and Santos, it is the first opportunity in a decade to properly integrate energy and climate policy.

It’s time Weatherill stopped his petty political games and, as Business SA said on the weekend, came to the table and got behind a national solution. The National Energy Guarantee is that the solution.

Josh Frydenberg MP

Minister for the Environment and Energy

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