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Date : Fri, 10 Mar 2017 10:48:39 +1000

Author: Hon. Josh Frydenberg MP

The Federal Government will commence a review of the Product Stewardship Act 2011 which helps toreduce the environmental and health impacts of products.

The Act does this by encouraging industries to improve the design and manufacture of their products,and to collect valuable or harmful materials for reuse or responsible disposal.

This is the first review of the Act since it commenced in 2011, and the Department of Environmentand Energy will actively seek input from industry, governments and the general public to ensure theAct continues to be effective and is delivering the best outcomes for business and the environment.

The Act currently supports the successful National Television and Computer Recycling SchemeNCTRS which has recycled approximately 184,500 tonnes of electronic waste since 2012.

The review will provide an important opportunity to continue to update and improve the NTCRS,which was updated following an operational review in 2014-15, including the possibility to includeother electronic products.

The Act also provides accreditation for industry-led voluntary arrangements such as MobileMusterwhich is the only industry-led mobile phone recycling program in the world that has collected andrecycled more than 10 million handsets since 1998.

The Act also establishes the Minister&8217;s Product List, which is updated annually and informs thecommunity and industry of those products being considered for possible accreditation or regulationunder the Act.

Products under consideration for this financial year, include batteries, photovoltaic PV solar panels,used oil bottles and plastic microbeads.

The review will also examine the adequacy of services provided by industry to remote and regionalcommunities and the way in which exports of working computers for reuse in other countries isaccounted for and reported under the scheme.

The will commence immediately and is scheduled to conclude in the first half of 2018.Further information on the review can be found via



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