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Visit to Warwick & Stanthorpe, Queensland

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Date Posted : 03 October 2019

On 3-4 October, I visited Warwick and Stanthorpe in Queensland. I spoke at the Warwick Chamber of Commerce with local Member, the Hon David Littleproud MP, about the Government’s continued support for those impacted by drought. Warwick is doing it tough but the community remains resilient.

I was honoured to meet the heroes of the Queensland Rural Fire Service’s Stanthorpe Brigade. They recently battled intense fires across the Granite Belt. Their efforts are testament to the resilience and tenacity of Australia’s regional communities.

I joined the Stanthorpe Chamber of Commerce to listen to the priorities and concerns of the community as they battle drought.

I also had the opportunity to discuss plans for the $84 million Emu Swamp Dam near Stanthorpe. The commonwealth is contributing $47 million which is helping to create 250 jobs in constructions and 700 ongoing jobs in the region.

While in Stanthorpe, I met Dino. Dino’s story is one of many as farmers are hit by drought in Stanthorpe. He is bringing in 100 truckloads of water a week to keep his apple orchard alive and fill the fruit bowls of people across Queensland.




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