National security

Australia’s security and law enforcement agencies are among the best in the world. The Department of Home Affairs draws them closer together to counter evolving threats from terrorism, organised crime and the sinister use of new technology.

The Coalition Government’s investment in defence capability includes the largest regeneration of the Royal Australian Navy since the Second World War and we are acquiring new ships, submarines, aircraft and armoured vehicles.  We are modernising our Defence Force with the latest information and communications technology and intelligence and surveillance capabilities, including static and deployable networks and communications systems.  We are remediating our Defence bases around the nation, including upgrading airfields, port facilities and training areas.

This investment will ensure we have a more capable, agile and potent Defence Force in the air, on the land, on the sea, and now in the cyber domain. Our defence spending is on track to reach two per cent of GDP by 2020-21.

A number of significant policy developments have been announced recently that will strengthen Australia’s national security.

Recent achievements working towards a safer and secure Australia include:

  • State and Territory leaders agreed to the Prime Minister’s proposal for police to hold terrorism suspects for up to a fortnight without charge;
  • National agreement was reached on making driver’s licence photos available to law enforcement authorities in real time to quickly identify terrorism suspects;
  • The Government’s gun amnesty removed more than 50,000 firearms from our streets;
  • New Commonwealth criminal offences were announced that will target people who possess instructional terrorist material or make terrorist hoaxes;
  • Law enforcement agencies stopped the largest ever consignment of precursor drugs from reaching our shores; and
  • The national Emergency Alert warning system will be expanded to make it available for use during national security incidents.

To find out more please visit the Government’s national security website here.