Fully funding the NDIS

The Coalition Government has secured the future of the NDIS by filling the $57 billion funding gap left by Labor.

Labor and the Greens first denied the existence of a funding gap and then proposed a tax hike that was not even tied to the NDIS.

Instead, we will secure the future of the NDIS and ensure it is fully funded, through our better economic management and budget discipline that is already being proven by the improvement in the Government’s budget position as a result the stronger economy being fostered by our national economic plan that is working.

Our fiscal position has improved. Our economy is stronger and it is continuing to strengthen under the Liberal and Nationals Government’s national economic plan.

That is why we are now in a position to give our guarantee to Australians living with a disability, and their families and carers, that all planned expenditure on the NDIS will be able to be met in this year’s Budget and beyond without any longer having to increase the Medicare levy.

This is the benefit that comes from a stronger economy.

Having refused to support our efforts to guarantee funding through the Medicare Levy, it’s now clear that the biggest threat to a fully funded NDIS is a future Labor government.